Zocor Tabs (Simvastatin)


Zocor tabs a drug from the group of statins used to lower the cholesterol level in the blood. Zocor contains an active ingredient Simvastatin.

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Zocor tabs a drug from the group of statins used to lower the cholesterol level in the blood. Zocor contains an active ingredient Simvastatin.

The mechanism of the action of Zocor tabs consists in blocking enzymes which produce cholesterol in the liver. It does not reduce the absorption of the vegetable and animal fats in the intestine, and therefore the treatment should be combined with a diet for the maximal effect.

Using Zocor tabs reduces the general cholesterol level, cholesterol of the low density and triglycerides in the blood plasma. The use of Simvastatin effectively enhances the cholesterol level bound by high-density lipoproteins.

An intense therapeutic effect occurs in 14 days after starting taking Zocor. The cholesterol level is significantly decreased in the blood. The maximal and stable therapeutic effect happens within 4-6 weeks.

Side effects of Zocor Tabs

In general, a therapy with Zocor goes without side effects. The negative reactions appear seldom and are usually related to the overdose.

There is statistical data that the side effects of Zocor appear in 1-2% of cases, and these are indigestion, dizziness, lack of energy.

Indications for the use of Zocor Tabs

  • Prevention of coronary heart disease
  • Prevention of cardiovascular and coronary pathologies
  • Prevention and treatment of myocardial infarction/stroke
  • Hypercholesterolemia
  • Excess triglycerides

In what dose is Zocor used?

A therapeutic dose of Zocor tabs is 5-10 mg per day to treat hypocholesteremia. The tablets are used once per day, in the evening, regardless of meals.

The dose of Zocor is increased by 10 mg if the therapeutic effect is absent within 4 weeks. The increase of the dose can be once in 2-4 weeks. The maximal daily dose of Zocor is 80 mg.

Recommendations for the use

  • Avoid Zocor tabs during liver diseases and also hypersensitivity to the main ingredients of Zocor including Simvastatin
  • If you have to take Zocor during lactation, it is recommended to use formula feeding for a baby. If Zocor may be replaced by another drug, replace it during the lactation
  • Zocor is contraindicated pregnant women and patients under 17 years old
  • To enhance a therapeutic action, Zocor should be used with bile acid sequestrants or Zetia drug

Where to buy Zocor Tabs without prescription?

You can buy Zocor without prescription legally in our online pharmacy. A pharmacist will explain to you how to take Zocor without prescription and avoid side effects. Buy Zocor Tabs online today from our store.

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